Why Choose Catholic Education


Making a choice about the best education for your child is one of the most important decisions parents undertake. We all desire a schooling experience for our children that not only provides them with exceptional educational opportunities, but also nurtures the whole human person.

Choosing a Catholic school in the Diocese of Lismore will provide your child with a unique educational and Faith experience which seeks to form them into young people of faith, hope, purpose and joy. Our schools support each child to develop a commitment to the core values of the faith;

  • Love of God
  • An opportunity for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ
  • Love and service of others
  • Integrity, goodness and truth

Our Catholic schools are Christ-centred communities which are built on a commitment to the Gospel. We seek to serve the Gospel by accompanying young people in such a way that they may experience the ‘fullness of life’ (John 10:10) in learning and living well.

What you are seeking from an educational experience for your child may be;

  • Diverse learning opportunities
  • A commitment to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical care of each child
  • A place of belonging

These can all be found in the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lismore.