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1. How do I register for Employment Diocese of Lismore Catholic Schools?

  1. It is preferred that you should register for employment prior to applying for employment in the Diocese however this is not mandatory prior to a currently advertised position with a closing date. Registration for Employment is MANDATORY before you can take up any position offered to you.
  2. Prepare your documentation to upload when you register.

2. What is the application process for Diocese of Lismore Catholic Schools?

Documents must be uplaoded at the time of creating your My Profile as editing is not available after submission. 

Create your My Profile and scan and upload the following documents:

Teachers must include:

  1. Teaching Qualifications (degrees, diplomas or academic transcripts, at least 2 practicum reports for Graduate teachers.), Religious Education Qualifications (if applicable);
  2. Official Employer Statement of Service and must include Commencement date / termination date, Workload, Casual Days per year worked and LWOP taken;
  3. NESA Accreditation;
  4. Identification documents; including evidence of change of name, including visa information if required
  5. Other certificates such as anaphylaxis, first aid etc
  6. NSW Working with Children Check for an employee (not volunteer)

All other applicants must include:

  1. Qualifications in specified field if applicable and Resume
  2. Certificates such as anaphylaxis, first aid etc, if applicable
  3. NSW Working with Children Check for an employee (not volunteer)
  4. Identification documents; including evidence of change of name including Visa information if required.

As a part of the registration process everyone who registers for employment must complete SALT (Self Administered Legal Training) compliance training modules on:

  • Child Protection
  • Discrimination Harassment and Bullying
  • Accreditation to Work Teach and Lead

If you have any questions please refer to the:
Frequently Asked Questions: Registration to Teach / Registration to Work process

If you have any further enquiries please contact the Recruitment team via

3. What happens once I’ve submitted my registration for employment?

We will review your application to ensure that you have completed all sections of the application form and have attached all required documentation. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible however may take up to 2 weeks for processing.

If your application is incomplete, it will remain unverified until you provide any missing documentation or information and will not progress into the employment system.