Mathematics is an entitlement for all learners. It enables students to participate fully in society by becoming reflective, creative and critical thinkers who make informed and responsible decisions for themselves and others. Mathematics is essential to our mission: to enable students to achieve ‘the fullness of life’ (John 10:10).


"Yet the human mind invented mathematics in order to understand creation; but if nature is really structured with a mathematical language and mathematics invented by man can manage to understand it, this demonstrates something extraordinary." 

Benedict XVI (Address to young people of the Diocese of Rome, 6 April 2006)


The Diocese of Lismore, in partnership with Parish schools, aims to improve the Mathematical understanding and numeracy skills of all students through the intentional implementation of the Mathematics Strategy 2015 - 2020.


The Mathematics Strategy aims to:

  • Strengthen the pedagogical content knowledge of classroom teachers to improve the learning and teaching of Mathematics for all students.
  • Build leadership capacity of Mathematics curriculum leaders
  • Provide targeted intervention programs for students who require additional support to achieve growth
  • Increase student performance in Mathematics K-12
  • Promote higher order thinking skills in Mathematics; problem solving, reasoning, creative and critical thinking.
  • Foster a love for and confidence in Mathematics